Zyronit features

Manage, Monitor and Control production processes from a single point

Schedule in
real time

  • Receive in real time the work orders from the ERP via Zyronit Business Connector. They can be either simple couple item-code / quantity or structured information like item codes, routing, preferred equipment, setup parameters and more
  • Filter work orders by operation, customer, item or job code and sort them by quantity or due date
  • Navigate into the information of the item to be produced – characteristics or pictures or special instructions – on each work order
  • Assign each operation to a specific equipment and pick the needing material from the warehouse (Warehouse management)
  • Instantly update equipment crew about new operation scheduling

Control your

  • See operations assigned to your equipment in real time
  • Select the work order to be executed by reading the QR code or  the barcode of the handling unit containing raw material or unfinished work coming from the previous operation
  • See in advance any setup parameters of any scheduled operation for the equipment
  • Revise and change the setup parameters as needed. Zyronit will store any changes.
  • Download the setup parameters to the PLC with click through Zyronit Edge
  • Monitor the work in progress – if the equipment is connected through Zyronit Edge – or insert manually work in progress data – if the machine is not connected or the operation is manual.
  • Suspend the operation at any time by selecting the cause of the suspension (end of shift, equipment malfunctioning, no raw materials available)
  • Close the operation when finished

Connect with
your coworkers

  • At any time, during any activity on Zyronit, post photos, videos, and text to your colleagues. Examples are items quality warning, equipment malfunctions, your status, requests of changes in scheduling, missing materials
  • Zyronit records the context where you were in the application, which work order and operation you are dealing with and the equipment you are managing
  • Mention your colleagues with “@” or add an hashtag “#” will let you address the message to the right person and search the post later
  • Interact with your colleagues by adding photos or video on each interaction

Manage your Inventory

  • Be ready to receive goods with a real time flow of purchase order or inbound deliveries from your ERP – via Zyronit Business Connector 
  • Record inbound materials either for partial or complete delivery
  • Assign batch code to receiving goods
  • Move goods from docking area to the final warehouse
  • Track goods and handling unit with the barcode or QR reader
  • Move handling unit from a warehouse
  • Receive in real time sales order or outbound delivery orders from your ERP
  • Pick up goods to be shipped creating on-fly the handling unit and generate the Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC)
  • Ship items and communicate the packing list to the ERP – via Zyronit Business Connector

Be quality-centric *

  • Define custom sample’s test as questions to be answered either in the form of strings, numbers, item in a list
  • Set the sampling policies as number of pieces done, time passed from last sample, equipment tag value – via Zyronit Edge –, number of working hours and many others
  • Collect data from the PLC of the equipment – via Zyronit Edge – or from the operator input
  • Store data for later analysis and give immediate feedback to the operator about the data collected (trends)
  • Request a maintenance on your equipment
  • Send data to Quality Control department
  • Send your data to your legacy quality system or to your ERP


  • See the list of scheduled maintenance with details on equipment unavailability
  • Mark the maintenance as executed for tasks feasible directly by operators
  • Schedule recurring activities based on time between two maintenances, threshold of a PLC tag – via Zyronit Edge – and many more
  • Integrate your Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) through Zyronit Business Connector

*Soon to be released

The integration of the entire plant

Zyronit Edge

Zyronit Edge constitutes a detached layer for the integration of existing and new equipment.

On your site you have different protocols. For example: OPC-UA, Siemens, Modbus Omron and Allen Bradley. In order to gain specific insights from the shop floor as monitoring real-time events and actions these protocols have to communicate with Zyronit in Cloud through the internet.

How can Zyronit and the different protocols communicate? The solution is to install Zyronit EDGE on your site that allows a secure bidirectional communication with crypto messages from the in-site protocols to Zyronit in Cloud.

With Zyronit Edge you enable cross-functional communication, and your team can make decisions in real time.

Zyronit Business Connector

Zyronit is the new system in Cloud that allows you to control the shopfloor. To gain information Zyronit has to communicate with higher-level business systems that are on your site, like: ERP, WMS, LIMS, AS400 and PLM.

How do we connect Zyronit with the different legacy systems? By installing Zyronit Business Connector on your site it is possible to integrate all of the legacy systems and to communicate securely through the Internet with crypto messages transmitted in both directions from Legacy Systems to Zyronit in Cloud.

Thanks to Zyronit Business Connector, Zyronit can send and retrieve data in real time.

Simple. Powerful. All at once.

Digital transform your shop floor. Zyronit is now more powerful than ever.

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